Thursday, 17 March 2011


It happened many years ago, I so enjoyed going to a beauty salon to have my haircut and trimmed. I used to have long hair at the time and always enjoyed the 22yr old hair stylist Julie cutting my hair short. She was quite an attractive young lady with long honey blonde hair and an infectious smile which made me feel very welcome and that impressed me a lot. I remembered the T-shirt tops she wore always showed off her beautiful cleavage. Oh, how I enjoyed her brushing pass me and touching my back and arms with her tight T-shirt top as she cut my hair. It made me feel very horny, but I never told her this fearing that I would not be allow to have my hair cut by her again. However one day I decided to allow my hair to grow out much longer, before getting it cut. Looking though some of her magazines that she had at the salon one day, I ask her how this male model in a photo had his hair done and why it was so curly and wavy, she said he had a soft perm done to achieve the look. Well this had me thinking, may I should change my hair style someday to look like this model. I thought about it for several weeks before deciding to visit her. She marked my hair appointment date down in the book and said see you next time. It was late about 5.30pm on a Thursday night and I was quite excited about the new look I was about to get. Just the thought of going to her salon, and experiencing a full salon perm was making me feel just so feminine that I decided to slip on a pair of white satin lace panties to fulfil my fantasy of feeling like a woman. So I decided to bring my camera along in my carry bag and ask Julie if she could take some photos of my hair makeover. I opened the door to the salon and sat down in the waiting area for a while because Julie was still busy finishing off a lady customer. After Julie had finished with the lady’s hair, she paid her and left. Julie then asked me to take a seat in front of the table mirror and what kind of hairstyle I wanted today. I said oh can you give me a perm please?   She giggled for a moment and teased me by saying “oh I haven't permed a guy for ages. It’s usually the ladies that ask to have this done, because you’re my first guy in a while wanting this done, I’ll like to give you a nice curly salon perm to remember.” I said “oh what does that mean?” Julie said just relax and let me think about it for a moment. You really have no idea what I’m going to do to you, from shampooing and massaging your hair to being rolled in perm rods, before putting nice smelling chemicals in your hair and after I have done this you will have a head full of gorgeous permanent curls. I said to her that sounds like a frightening process to experience, maybe I shouldn’t let you do this to me. Julie assured me that there was nothing to be afraid of and she will take good care of me. I thought about it for a few seconds and said I feel a whole lot better now knowing that my hair stylist knows what she’s doing. She smiled and then began to run her fingers through my hair in an upward direction checking my hair length and its condition. Next covered me in a light blue smock and fastened it with a hairclip behind my back and placed a towel around my neck. I think your hair needs to be shampooed and conditioned first before I can begin your perm treatment. I was led over to the shampoo wash basin, where she gently laid and lowered my head back until the basin cradled my neck and my long hair was laying back in the basin. I quite enjoyed the submissive position I was in as she stood over me and started to spray and wash my hair with warm water, oohh it felt so just refreshing and relaxing. Next she applied some beautifully scented shampoo lotion to my hair followed by a gentle vigorous finger massage to my scalp, until my hair was covered in foamy bubbles, it just felt so good as she continued with some more rinsing until all the shampoo was removed. Next she applied some hair conditioner on the palm of her hands and gentle massaged and combed it into my hair and after a few minutes she rinsed my hair again. Soon all my hair was towelled and dry. She then asked me go over to the styling chair positioned in front of the table mirror. I then ask her about the type of perm I was about to get, a heat perm or a cold perm she said a cold perm would be more suitable for my kind of hair. Julie went  towards the back of the salon and returned with a trolley completely filled with trays full of colourful perm rods, papers, clips, combs and spray bottle. Oh, I felt so helpless sitting there in the styling chair, awaiting my fate and wondering what kind of torture she was planning to put me through next. I kept quiet and let Julie perform her magic with the perm rods, she sectioned off my hair with hair clips then teased my hair up with a comb and wrapped a perm paper around my teased up hair and then sprayed it with a mist of water from her spray bottle. Next she took a blue perm rod from the tray with her fingers and began to tightly roll up the rod up onto my scalp, securing it in place with a white rubber band. I felt so calm and relaxed as she continued to insert and roll the other blue and red perm rods all over the top of my head and down the sides of my head I endured 30mins of hair rolling torture. I felt so totally sexy and relaxed as she ringed the edges of the rods around my head with a wad of cotton wool strip. Oh I was in heaven ecstasy before she was about to apply the perm lotion to each rod, so I quickly asked her if she could take some photos of me under her hood dryer she then questioned why, but I said I wanted to remember my hair makeover transformation, so she told me to go over to the couch hood dryer and to sit down in it, so she could position the dryer hood directly over by head. I then set up the camera for her to take several photos of me sitting under the dryer. She took several photos of me posing with my head still rolled and wrapped in perm rods as well as a photo of me with my head covered in a hood. I think she quite enjoyed taking photos of me being so humiliated this way as she continually smiled at me. After she was finished with taking all the photos, I felt my head and gently touched some of perm rods they all were rolled up very firm and tight. I told her how excited I felt was being treated this way, she just smiled and said lots of ladies feel the same way when they have their hair permed it happens all the time. I thought to myself at least I’ll know how a lady feels now. Next she asked me to go over to the shampoo wash basin again, where she again gently laid and lowered my head fully covered in perm rods back into the basin; I could feel the lower rods digging into my neck. I mention this to her about my discomfort it was causing but she laughed and said don’t complain too much yet because it’s now time for the fun part to begin. She spread some vaseline around my head then ringed the edges of the rods around my head and ears with a strip of cotton wool, before she began to squeeze the bottle of strong perming lotion backwards and forwards across each of the 38 perm rods on my head, until each rod was fully saturated. It felt so cold and divine as the lotion began to soak deeply into each hair wrapped rod and the stinking odour that came from my hair smelt like rotten eggs. She smiled as I being tortured by the unpleasant smell it was producing, saying you really are enjoying this part aren't you, to which I replied no but deep down I enjoyed it immensely. After she was finished with the lotion, she covered my head with a black plastic hood and hair clipped it from behind, so that my hair could process and curl properly. She left me in the wash basin chair again for another 25mins to endure more of this torturous process, frequently coming over to check the curling effect on my hair, I noticed she had this girly smile on her face as if she enjoyed every moment of what she was doing to me. I felt so deliciously sexy at this point, that I let slip to her that I love to wear women's underwear believe me she was startled at first, then curiously asked me whether I was wearing any right now to which I replied yes, I think she was quite surprised and taken back a bit, because she then asked where I wore this underwear, I said usually at home and she then said that there are certain ladies who enjoy that type of thing and would love to dress you in lingerie and even tie you up. I was so surprised at what she said that I almost came but I managed to control it.   Eventually she said you are going to look very beautiful and glamorous in curls I’m giving you very soon, she then proceeded to remove the black hood over my head and wash all the lotion out of my hair with luke warm water. Next she applied the bottle of neutralizing solution to all the perm rods on my head and it felt just so relaxing and comfortable as she tilted back my head into the shampoo basin. After about 15mins, Julie began uncurl and remove all the rolled up perm rods still imprisoned against my scalp. Soon I was towelled around my head and dried and led back to the styling chair in front of the mirror table where Julie blow-dried, teased, cut and contoured my hair to shape. Wow, I could not believe it was all over and that I had spent 2hours 30mins in a hair salon, I looked like a feminine curly sissy and that made me feel so fantastic. I must not forget to tell you that those white satin lace panties, that I was wearing during my 2hour 30min makeover were soaking wet from my body transpiring profusely.  My hair turned out great and full of lovely bouncy curls, I was rapted. I love to do it again someday but dressed in more risqué underwear like in a red satin bra and red lacy panties to even being tie up by my hands and feet in the styling chair, as sexy lady ready to be feminized beyond my wildest of dreams again, oh to be permed and curly forever would be just so much fun.